Supercharge Your Emails

Based on the context of your email, Quickly suggests a single action or a series of actions that you can take. All you need to do is approve the suggestion. With just one click, you can get a whole lot of work done.

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Do More By Doing Less!

All you need to do is to approve or ignore suggestions made by Quickly. Everytime you approve, Quickly performs the actions and learns about how you want to handle similar emails. Look how the suggestion box opens up in this email.

Take Quick Actions

Get a single interface to connect with the applications that you use. This helps you be more organized by facilitating immediate actions based on emails.

Never Procrastinate

Ever postponed acting on an email because it would take time to act on it? Now you can do many common tasks in one click based on our auto-suggestions. No procrastination.


Sometimes a single email needs you to do many things - like storing an invoice and adding a row in the expenses spreadsheet. Now you can do all these things in one click.

Chrome Plugin for Gmail

We want Quickly to be insanely easy to use. That's why we blend into today's email clients. Right now, we are available as a Chrome plugin for Gmail and can be downloaded from Chrome App Store.

Available Apps

We are soon releasing Quickly with the most used apps by the cool folks. If you want an app and its not yet integrated, get in touch with us.

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Quickly is still learning through the suggestions approved or ignored by the users. As any Machine Learning system, the more we use it, the more it learns, and the better it performs.
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The Team
Utkarsh Apoorva
CEO, cofounder
Madhu G.B. (Maddy)
CTO, cofounder


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